Chemex Coffee Brewing: A Detailed Guide


Are you ready to embark on a journey of rich, full-flavored coffee? Look no further than the iconic Chemex brewer. Invented in 1941, this timeless design has become a staple on kitchen counters around the world. With its clean, balanced floral notes, the Chemex brews a cup of coffee that is sure to satisfy even the most discerning taste buds. Plus, its presence in the MOMA permanent design collection speaks to its enduring appeal and status as a true work of art.

To brew with a Chemex, you’ll need a few essentials. First, make sure you have an 8-cup Chemex and Chemex filters on hand. A grinder to freshly grind 42g of coffee, hot water just off the boil, a scale, a timer, a stir stick, and your favorite mug are also must-haves for this brewing adventure. With these tools in place, you’re ready to dive into the step-by-step process of achieving the perfect pour.

Key Takeaways:

  • The Chemex brewer offers a timeless design and produces a clean cup of coffee with balanced floral notes.
  • Housed in the MOMA permanent design collection, the Chemex has become a staple on kitchen counters worldwide.
  • To brew with a Chemex, you’ll need an 8-cup Chemex, Chemex filters, a grinder, 42g of coffee, hot water just off the boil, a scale, a timer, a stir stick, and a mug.
  • Follow the step-by-step guide to achieve the perfect pour with your Chemex brewer.
  • Experience the rich, full-flavored coffee that the Chemex is known for.

How to Prepare the Chemex

Before starting the brewing process, it’s important to properly prepare the Chemex to ensure the best coffee flavor and aroma. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

  1. Rinse the Chemex filter: Begin by rinsing the Chemex filter with hot water. This not only preheats the brewer but also removes any paper flavor that may affect the taste of your coffee.
  2. Preheat the brewer: Rinsing the Chemex filter will also help preheat the brewer, creating optimal brewing conditions for your coffee.
  3. Fold the filter: To reinforce the filter and ensure a nice even seal, fold it toward the spout of the Chemex. This simple step helps maintain the integrity of the filter during the brewing process.

By following these preparation steps, you’ll set the stage for a successful brewing session with your Chemex.

Why is it important to rinse and reinforce the filter?

“Rinsing the Chemex filter with hot water serves two main purposes. Firstly, it helps preheat the brewer, which is essential for achieving optimal coffee extraction. Secondly, it removes any papery taste that might transfer to your coffee, ensuring a clean and pure flavor profile. By folding the filter toward the spout, you reinforce the filter’s structure, preventing any accidental tears or leaks that could compromise the brewing process.”

Now that the Chemex is properly prepared, you’re ready to move on to the brewing process and create a delicious cup of coffee.

Chemex filter preparation

The Brewing Process

Now that you’ve prepared your Chemex and rinsed the filter, it’s time to dive into the brewing process. This is where the magic happens and your coffee starts to take shape.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to the brewing process:

  1. Start the timer: As soon as you add hot water to your Chemex, start the timer. This will help you keep track of the brewing time.
  2. Pour until grounds are saturated: Pour the hot water over the coffee grounds, making sure to cover all of them. You want to ensure even saturation for a balanced and flavorful brew.
  3. Stir to eliminate clumps: Use a stir stick to gently stir the mixture, eliminating any dry clumps. This will ensure that all the grounds are evenly extracted.
  4. Second pour at 45 seconds: After 45 seconds, start the second pour. This time, pour in a wiggling motion and avoid pouring directly onto any light spots. This technique helps maintain an even extraction.
  5. Fill the brewer flush to the top: At 1 minute and 45 seconds, fill the brewer flush to the top. This ensures that you have enough water for a strong brew.
  6. Check the volume: At the 4-minute mark, check the volume of the brewed coffee. You can use the glass bubble or “belly button” on the Chemex to gauge the amount. Make sure you have enough coffee to serve.
  7. Swirl and serve: Before serving your coffee, give the Chemex a gentle swirl to mix any remaining oils. Take a moment to appreciate the enticing aroma before pouring into your favorite mugs. This brewing process is perfect for serving two cups of delicious coffee.

Remember, the Chemex brewing process requires attention to detail and precision. It’s all about finding the right balance and extracting the flavors to their fullest potential.

serving coffee

Chemex Brewing with Specific Measurements

When it comes to brewing the perfect cup of coffee with your Chemex 6-cup brewer, it’s essential to get the specific measurements right. From the amount of coffee beans to the water temperature, each detail plays a crucial role in achieving a rich and flavorful brew.

To begin, measure out 36 grams (5-7 tablespoons) of your favorite Craft Coffee beans. The precise measurement ensures optimal extraction and a well-balanced taste profile.

Next, heat 600 mL of water to a temperature of 205 degrees Fahrenheit. This temperature range allows for an effective extraction of the coffee’s natural oils and flavors, resulting in a full-bodied and aromatic cup of joe.

Now, it’s time to prepare your Chemex for brewing. Start by preheating the square Chemex filter. Pour hot water around the inside of the filter to seal it and eliminate any papery taste that may affect the final brew.

Once the filter is preheated, place it in the Chemex and add your ground coffee. Give the brewer a gentle shake to settle the coffee grounds evenly and ensure consistent saturation during brewing.

Now, take a moment to set your timer. This will help you maintain control over the brewing process and ensure precise timing for optimal extraction.

Start pouring hot water over the coffee grounds, just enough to wet them evenly. Use a spiraling motion to ensure even saturation and extraction.

Chemex Brewing

Continue pouring in a spiraling pattern until you reach the desired water volume for a 6-cup brew with your Chemex. The spiraling pattern promotes even extraction and allows the flavors to develop fully.

By following these specific measurements and techniques, you’ll be able to unleash the full potential of your Chemex brewer and enjoy a delightful, flavorful cup of coffee every time.

Chemex Brewing Tips and Recommendations

For the best results when brewing with a Chemex, here are some tips and recommendations to keep in mind:

  1. Start with Whole Bean Coffee: To ensure freshness and maximum flavor, always start with whole bean coffee. Avoid pre-ground coffee as it tends to lose its aroma and flavor faster.
  2. Grind Size Matters: Invest in a quality burr grinder and grind your coffee immediately before brewing. The grind size is crucial in determining the extraction and flavor of your coffee. Experiment with different grind sizes to find what works best for you.
  3. Utilize a Scale: To achieve optimal consistency and precision, use a scale to measure your coffee and water. This will ensure accurate ratios and eliminate any guesswork in your brewing process.
  4. Consider a Gooseneck Kettle: A gooseneck kettle offers superior control over the pouring process. The narrow spout allows for a slow and steady pour, helping you achieve a more even extraction and balanced flavors.
  5. Experiment with Variables: Don’t be afraid to experiment with different variables to fine-tune your Chemex brewing technique. Adjust water temperature, brew time, and pouring speed to discover new flavors and profiles that suit your palate.

By following these brewing tips and recommendations, you can enhance your Chemex brewing experience and enjoy a delicious, well-crafted cup of coffee every time.

Chemex Brewer

The Charm of the Chemex Brewer

The Chemex brewer has captivated coffee enthusiasts around the world with its enduring design and remarkable charm. Originally invented in 1941 by Peter Schlumbohm, the Chemex has remained virtually unchanged, standing the test of time with its iconic wood handle, leather cord, and tapered glass. Its elegant visuals and thoughtful construction make it a beloved staple in every coffee lover’s kitchen.

What sets the Chemex apart is its ability to produce a delicate and nuanced cup of coffee, even with room for error. The careful brewing process allows for a mesmerizing experience, from the bloom of floral notes to the balanced and flavorful extraction. The Chemex highlights the true essence of coffee, rewarding those who appreciate the intricacies of each sip.

Whether you’re a seasoned barista or just starting your journey with specialty coffee, the Chemex offers an intuitive brewing method that anyone can master. With its enduring design and commitment to excellence, the Chemex is more than just a coffee brewer – it’s a work of art that elevates the entire coffee brewing experience.


What is the Chemex coffee maker?

The Chemex coffee maker is an iconic brewer with a timeless design that was invented in 1941. It is known for its clean and balanced floral notes in the brewed coffee.

How do I prepare the Chemex?

To prepare the Chemex, you need to rinse the Chemex filter with hot water to preheat the brewer and remove any paper flavor. Fold the filter toward the spout to reinforce it, ensuring an even seal and optimal brewing conditions.

What is the brewing process for the Chemex?

The brewing process for the Chemex involves saturating the coffee grounds with hot water, stirring to eliminate dry clumps, and pouring in a wiggling motion for the second pour. Fill the brewer flush to the top at 1 minute and 45 seconds, and check the volume at 4 minutes using the glass bubble. After swirling the Chemex, it is ready to serve two cups of brewed coffee.

How do I brew with specific measurements using the Chemex?

For a Chemex 6-cup brewer, use 36 grams (5-7 tablespoons) of Craft Coffee beans. Heat 600 mL of water to 205 degrees Fahrenheit. Preheat the filter and pour hot water around the inside to seal it. Pour the ground coffee into the filter and shake the brewer to settle the grounds. Begin pouring water in a spiraling pattern until reaching the desired water volume.

What are some Chemex brewing tips and recommendations?

For the best results, start with whole bean coffee and grind it immediately before brewing using a burr grinder. Use a scale for accurate measurements and experiment with different grind sizes and water temperatures. Consider using a gooseneck kettle for optimal control over pouring.

What makes the Chemex brewer charming?

The Chemex brewer has enduring charm due to its timeless design and inventor, Peter Schlumbohm. Its iconic wood handle, leather cord, and tapered glass have remained unchanged since 1941. Brewing coffee with a Chemex delivers a delicate and nuanced cup of coffee, making it a beloved choice among coffee enthusiasts.